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Dear My

FFMPEG saved the day c:

Hi!Today im in an hotel and I was watching my series on the television using a USB Flash drive c:

however it happened an episode to be in avi format and the Sony display was not able to play it, however due to ffmpeg in my netbook’s Gentoo I achieved to convert this to a proper mp4 format timing 20 minutes

No multimedia keys in Gentoo

I always had this problem with Gentoo: I was not able to use the multimedia keys and also the mice only worked in front USB bus of my computer while in the rear not.

The fix was in the Linux Kernel, I incidentally discovered an important parameter in the USB settings ^-^

You usually use de EHCI driver for your 2.0 USB buses, however what about the 1.0 buses? it is said to use some specific drivers while the most important thing indeed is to enable a subparameter of the EHCI driver!!!

This parameters are:

translate root device

Back to Openrc

Getting back to Openrc in Gentoo needed the same effort that switching to systemd, also I had serious problems because I made a simple mistake so I had to recover the system from another, but that recovering is not that hard since is like the same complexity that involves this process.

Using Metacity

Today I’m using my Arch Linux. I had not updated it since the January 5fh but today after 6 months I updated my Arch with no problems and this is completely right

yeah! believe it

Using Metacity

Old and known, Metacity is fantastic :D, however I did not find out how to change the titlebar theme, I read it has to do with using now the gtk+ settings instead the dconf settings :’c

Virtualbox permissions

Today I wanted to start a VirtualMachine from VirtualBox and then happened that I had not permissions to do so, so I checked the /dev/sr0 permissions and then I added myself to the cdrom group. But this not worked yet. Finally I edited my .xinitrc file and added:

ck-launch-session dbus-launch

and that did the trick