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Site announcements.

I lost my domain rpm.li, but I got zsh.li instead. Did you know that the dot li domains has to be renew 15 days before the expiration date?

The blog was moved from pinkhat.rpm.li to pinkhat.zsh.li

Also cat.rpm.li was moved to cat.princesa.company and the public link shortener was removed.

The Screenshot in https://pinkhat.zsh.li gallery was removed and will be included again in a more traditional way.

The home page is now very minimalist and includes links for all sites.

I tried to include bitcoin based advertisement, but I didn't liked because it makes the load of the sites slower, Advertisement it's like politics and religion, polemic.

Lately I been working in increasing the efficiency of the site instead of creating content, but there will be new posts and content soon.

New appearance

I intended to change the theme of pinkhat.rpm.li as the first picture, also I tried this:

This was the original:

It's difficult to choose between them, all of these 3 has their own charm, the first is cute , the second is modern, unique and vivid, and the third is simple, practical and beautiful.

I love so much all of these, but I will choose the first because I feel it's the real essence of my site.

Here is a snapshot of how my site looks in the end Snaptshot (January 16)

VPN , Twitter and why they blocked me.

I use VPN for everything, I truly believe in Snowden and his words, furthermore I think that using VPN is important to avoid leaks of confidential information and what is more important for me, financial information; you know that I'm the princess of domains. By the way, I don't feel proud of it, I've been silly in a way and sometimes I feel bad for it.

Twitter didn't block my account for using VPN, rather Twitter blocked my account because I changed my ip too much. I'm using VPN with a very aggressive policy about changing my IP because I don't like the NSA and associates, I kind of hate everything that is against our freedom. For me Privacy is freedom, period. They didn't ask me if I would want them to collect my information for selling it and storing in the USA government database.

That is pretty freaking, Why I would want that organizations stores my information. I think that liking that they sell our information is stupid. I think that nobody enjoys the fact that them are selling our information.

If something don't like me I don't just say: whatever. I do something against it.

My resolution for twitter will be to use double VPN that is considered as military grade security. Or just only a proxy-VPN resolution.

It seems that I will be locked out of my twitter account until I contact with the support team. What is important to considerate is that if you're planning to use twitter with VPN, is using the same location or using a double VPN chain.

Soon I will post in my blog about VPN ;)

Public backup of blog

Today I learned how to connect via ftp with my remote hosting and wget ended being perfect while curlftpfs was really bad :c

Today I installed Apache, PHP and set up a WordPress local server to have a backup of my Linux website, also to be able to make this kind of backups.

I think it is very important to make different kinds of backups because it is possible that even the most reasonable and useful backup can fail at the moment.

Portable version (3.2MB) (format: tar.gz)

Resources Backup (69.3MB) (format: tar.gz)

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