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Stability is an issue in Linux


I thought that any Linux distro was pretty usable, but this year I changed my mind. Some days ago I installed Ubuntu in my netbook, and then I updated it and rebooted, after rebooting it was ruined, it was not able to start Xorg.

So I immediately reinstalled Ubuntu again and tried the same, but this time I disabled the automatic update and used the command line: apt-get update and apt-get upgrade. And in the next rebooting it was damaged in the same way.

However, notice that before updating my Ubuntu I could reboot it many times with any problem.

But there I have another bad experience:

Some months ago I installed Xubuntu in a Virtual Machine, and one day I tried to start it and it was not able to start up, I’ve tried Windows XP, Windows 8.1, Gentoo many times, Arch, Fedora, FreeBSD, and Ubuntu is the only Operative System that has ever been magically damaged.

But it is not only Ubuntu, I also have complain about Fedora, someone told me that after upgrading Fedora his system were ruined, but I could not believe it because I regard Linux as reliable. But that happened to me one time that I normally updated my Fedora.

You know that I don’t do any stupid thing and that I only use free drivers and also I don’t install unstable software. Indeed I had used Gentoo for 4 years with any problem.

That is the reason now I migrated to Slackware, Slackware is a distribution that never have had any problem with me, BTW have you noticed that Slackware has appeared in Mr. Robot recently?

Qubes OS

Also my Qubes Os was damaged, but that is interesting, Qubes OS is very easy to break because the complexity of it, it uses python scripts, virtualization libraries, so this system can be very easy broken. e.g an outage can damage a python library, and notice that python is a high level programming language that normally it is not needed to boot an operative system.

Did you know that my Qubes OS was in a raid 0 of 3 hard disks with XFS as filesystem?