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Complains of Whonix


As you may know, I'm using Qubes Os , and sincerely I think that Whonix can be too bloated. Whonix needs 4 virtual machines in Qubes OS in order to work:

sys-whonixIs the Whonix VM running the Tor Network (backend)
whonix-gsIt is a Template VM for the Whonix frontend with Tor Browser.
whonix-wsIt is the Template VM for the Whonix backend
whonix-ws-dvmIt is the Whonix frontend

Even so, you also need to update dom0, Fedora and maybe Debian, thus, Qubes OS requires a regular update of 5 OS.

Once I uninstalled VLC of Whonix, and it uninstalled half of system, ruining it. Then I realized that the Qubes OS's Whonix is too bloated. Qubes Os needs a minimal Whonix only focused in running the Tor Browser.

Whonix depends in its own repository, I don't agree with centralization, there must be several repos you can choose, but then an eviden problem arises, that any of them can be compromised. Right?

So that, I had this problem: the Whonix repo expired when I needed to install very important updates , the repo was re-enabled several hours later.

I want you to know that we are depending so much in many people, the ideal is to create your own minimal "Whonix".

But it is more practical to use Tails in Qubes Os, since Tails uses a Transparent Proxy to Tor, so everything must be pass through Tor unless you got hacked. But everything will be lost after shutting down the Virtual Machine. So it's not that bad.

I recommend you to create your own LiveCD of any Linux or BSD with transparent Tor proxy instead using Tails, so that you don't have to depend on so many updates, however it is easier to remake a Tails iso than a self-build image.

You can use Gentoo for that purpose, so you will be aware of what exactly are you installing (and doing).

We do not believe in magic