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Chromium in Gentoo


Today I removed Google Chrome in order to install Chromium in Gentoo, however I decided to compile it which takes so long time , indeed it took me 7 hours in my i7 processor

Thanks to the USEs I didn’t allow Chromium to use anything bundled. I decided to be very strict this time because of what I learned and discovered, i.e, Chrome is not a good choice for privacy. Hence I decided to not trust anymore Google Chrome binaries and instead only use a compiled Chromium.

I promise I will make a post about of what I have learned and what is it very important to not dismiss the privacy issues and do yourself a favour and please watch the Snowden movie 😉

As a Gentoo user it is ridiculous not be concerned about privacy because everything in the system is grainy defined, and in fact privacy is an inherent part of Web Browsing -which is my main activity in Internet and maybe the yours- Privacy is all about Liberty and choice, I think that if you are a Gentoo user and don’t care about privacy then you should be using Ubuntu instead. However it is just a generalization and don’t take so serious, we all have to learn how to be flexible and tolerant.

Privacy is a major pillar of Liberty because the real meaning of privacy is to choice what to share and how. I think Gentoo should increase the awareness in our community about privacy because Gentoo is all above Liberty.

And Liberty is the most valuable value that exist.

And I used this nice theme for my web browser Link <3

I discovered a feature called ACL, I thought it was only related to SELinux, however I found that it is a feature that exist in all distros, specially the ACL in TMPS , CONFIG_TMPS_POSIX_ACL; it must be enabled by default because is used by ALSA and the CD-ROM device; besides I found that some logs in /var uses it.

I think learning about ACL is a must for Gentoo users since it is one of the basic default options while mounting a traditional filesystem and is important to know that at least there is a security layer beyond the daily usage. And it is an additional tool for security on our daily basics because our home directory always can be read by others; and we can restrict the others access and adding exceptions using the ACL tools.

Despite disabling the ACL support may not be worth as a Gentoo developer said:


The menuconfig suggest you to disable it from ext4 filesytem if you don’t even know what ACL is. And of course I chose to disable this feature because my var partition is formatted in XFS and it seems that I don’t really need ACL. I aim to perfectly follow the Unix philosophy as far as I can; so instead of having all the possibilities available I will only strictly preserve what I actually use.