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Dear My

Do not use Ubuntu unless:


1. You love to receive insults:

quote from: betanews.com

I love GNOME. With that said, when Mark Shuttleworth, Ubuntu founder, recently announced that he was killing the Unity desktop environment and embracing GNOME, I was quite happy. It signaled less fragmentation and division in the Linux community.

My happiness was short lived, however, as Mark Shuttleworth has been insulting the free software community on social media. Over on Google+, he even goes so far as to compare the hate for the MIR display server to the debates on gun control and climate change. Really, Mr. Shuttleworth? In his vulgarity-laced rant, he even calls members of the free software community "deeply anti-social types." Gee, thanks a lot.

2. You are willing to share your personal data to the following companies:

source: third-parties

This acording with the basic Privacy Policy of the site:

By searching in the dash you consent to:

the collection and use of your search terms and IP address in this way; and the storage of your search terms and IP address by Canonical and such selected third parties (if applicable).

Canonical will only use your search terms and IP address in accordance with this Privacy Policy. For information on how our selected third parties may use your information, please see their privacy policies.

You can turn it off it tough, but then you will have to make a further research .

3. A stable distribution is not your aim.

This is my opinion, but I don't like Ubuntu because it can be broken easily compared to another Linux distributions.

The past month I installed Xubuntu in a Virtual Machine and it worked fine the first days, one day I realized the system was broken and unbootable. (I only had installed chromium-browser, I even didn't touched the desktop)

Wanna a unbreakable Linux distro?

Go right to Debian, Slackware, Gentoo (you could use it, but is more complex than most of the Linux distros and isn't for beginners) and even Fedora. Because Fedora is more Stable than Ubuntu when it comes to use newer packages because Ubuntu has a bit outdated version in each release

It's said that Ubuntu is based in Debian, but is based in Debian Unstable, in Ubuntu execute the following

cat /etc/debian_version

It will say sid (Unstable)