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Reseted my cellphone


Today I reset my cell, and I found out that it is not rooted anymore. The rooting was an additional steep after I installed my custom ROM (Linage OS), I only have to enable the developer settings in order to re-enable root.
In this new fresh start I avoided to provide my Google account since it is not necessary nor desirable as a matter of privacy. Following are the apps I installed sorted by time.

  1. F-droid: This is the first app that I installed because it allows to install open source apps easily, for this I enabled the installation from unknown origins and downloaded the APK.
  2. OpenVPN for Android
  3. I installed this application from F-droid, it allow me to use the OpenVPN protocol for using VPN since VPN is a must in the post-Snowden age in order to maintain the privacy, I suggested you to use Tor as root for all applications, however, it uses a lot of battery and using VPN is more practical and it doesn't requires root.
  4. Yalp Store: I installed this application from F-droid, it allows to install applications from the Google Play anonymously (Remember that I permanently deleted Google Play).
  5. Firefox Focus: I installed it from Yalp Store because I didn't find it in F-droid, it is from Mozilla, so it's safe to install, this web browser is an ever incognito mode browser.
  6. Delta Chat: I installed this application for receiving my emails of admin@princess.cool
  7. 7 Zipper: I installed with Yalp Store, this application is not free and includes advertisement, however is the best application for compressing and managing compressed files.
  8. Text Edit: This a very simple text editor, but it's perfect, I only need a text editor for editing text and that's all.

Note: I ruined my cellphone by freezing and using many applications requiring root, even if now my cellphone consumes more energy I will only keep a minimal set of applications. My cellphone was ruined after I installed Google Services and made it a system app using Link2SD